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Brushing your dog. We all intend to do it regularly and on time, but it doesn’t always happen. Yet, it’s genuinely crucial for your dog’s coat. Brushing strengthens the bond with your dog and, additionally, prevents matting and tangling. Moreover, the last thing you want is for your dog to experience discomfort from mats or for dirt and bacteria to accumulate in the coat. But if you find it challenging to brush your dog regularly, you can always turn to me for help.


The dogs are brushed using brushes and grooming products from Yuup that are suitable for their coat type. We use the best and latest tools available in the market, and we regularly attend workshops to stay up-to-date.

Pay attention!

  • Bring the dog clean
  • The treatment duration is 30 minutes
  • During a brushing session, your dog won’t be washed or dried
  • Unfortunately, in case of severe matting, the treatment is not possible 
  • Make sure the dog has been taken for a walk before the treatment

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