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The first time…
always exciting

Get accustomed

For every new dog, we offer the opportunity to come for a one-hour visit. This allows us to get acquainted, build trust, and discuss the right treatment plan.


For puppies, this is the ideal way to start a fun collaboration. During this visiting hour, the pup can play with Dali and get accustomed to all the ambient sounds. ‘Nothing is mandatory, (almost) everything is allowed.’

Young dogs

These days, many young dogs find new homes, especially stray dogs from abroad. We often don’t know what these dogs are used to or have experienced. During this visiting hour, they can take their time observing and getting comfortable.

Pay attention!

  • Always bring the dog on a leash
  • Ensure the dog has been taken for a walk before the treatment
  • Bring the dog clean
  • During a familiarization session, your dog won’t be washed


The products used during this treatment (aka pampering hour😉) are mainly dog treats. A visit deserves some water with a treat! Let us know before the treatment if the dog has any allergies. We have something for everyone.

Social media

Has your pup/dog come for a visit and is now peacefully sleeping? Send a photo to The Ginger Groomer via email or WhatsApp. We’ll share it with our followers!

Most asked questions

What is the price?

This treatment is completely free

Which products do you use?
Dog treats. When they leave we’ll give them a special dog perfume
What are the results?
  • A positive first experience at the grooming salon
  • They can get used to me, the salon, the surrounding sounds and other dogs who are present
  • A professional advice about the fur of your dog
  • Also the eyes will be trimmed!
Can I stay during the treatment?

No, unfortunately you can’t stay. It is better for the dog to get accustomed without the owner around. If you come pick up your dog, you will see enough exciting things 😉

Is it possible to come more than once to get accustomed?
If the dog needs this, yes ofcourse! We can make extra appointments
Can my cat get accustomed the same way?
With cats I have a different approach. Please reach out so we can make a special appointment!
Do you also trim nails during the treatment?
We will check the nails of your dog. If it is needed we can trim them as well
After the treatment, am I obligated to keep coming to your salon?
You’re not obligated to anything. We do advice you to prevent switching from salon too often. The dogs can get very restless becausee of this. Also by having frequent appointments with the same dog groomer, the dog can build up a bond of trust more easily.