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Also not unimportant, of course. I understand very well that you would like to know what the grooming session for your dog will cost. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll get an idea of the costs for different treatments.

However, it’s quite challenging to give you an exact estimate in advance, especially from the screen of your phone or laptop. The duration of the treatment – and thus the cost – depends heavily on your preferences, the type of coat, the condition of the coat, and the size of your dog. For a complete grooming session, you can generally expect around 71.25 euros for a small dog, up to 142.50 euros for some large dogs. But if your dog has a lot of mats, it might be that I need to brush for an hour instead of 15 minutes. For this ‘extra work,’ I charge an hourly rate of 47.50. In short, the prices below are a guideline.

But don’t worry: everything is discussed, and I’m not strict about time. I also enjoy the company of all those lovely dogs in my grooming salon, and I want you to come back happily. When you come to the grooming salon with your dog, during the intake, I will indicate the different possibilities and give an estimate of the price based on a brief inspection of the coat. If, during the treatment, there are specific coat problems – for example, matting of the undercoat, or your dog has a lot of mats – I will give you a call right away to discuss the options and the associated costs

Complete Grooming Session – Small


Welcome gift with the first appointment! After your dog has had a chance to settle in at the grooming salon, I’ll start by giving them two soothing baths using the appropriate Jean Peau shampoo for their coat. After drying, the real work begins: grooming the coat. Depending on the coat type and your preferences, your dog will be trimmed, plucked, or shaved. I’ll also trim the nails and clean the eyes, ears, and anal glands. If necessary, I’ll express the anal glands. A final brush, some cuddles, a spritz of a pleasant scent, and your dog is all set to shine on Instagram!

Complete Grooming Session – Medium


Welcome gift with the first appointment!


Complete Grooming Session – Large


Welcome gift with the first appointment!



47,50 per uur


25,00 30min

Getting accustomed visit