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Plucking is a specialized technique involving manually removing dead hair, ensuring the coat remains healthy and radiant. Plucking aids in reducing matting, enhances air circulation (particularly beneficial in the summer for skin ventilation, preventing overheating), and stimulates new hair growth, contributing to a healthier and more colorful coat! This technique is especially suitable for wire-haired breeds like Jack Russells and Teckels. So, do you have a wire-haired rockstar at home? Then, this treatment might be just what they need!


The products used during this treatment are specifically tailored to your dog’s coat. If you want to continue maintaining the new look at home, we can provide advice on the necessary products at the salon. Additionally, there will be plenty of treats available for your dog during the treatment. Please let us know in advance if your dog has any allergies or dietary preferences!

Pay attention!

  • Always bring the dog on a leash
  • Ensure the dog has been taken for a walk before the treatment
  • Unfortunately, in the case of severe matting, the treatment is not possible
  • Not sure if this is the right treatment for your dog? Feel free to come by at the salon, so we can give you the best advice!

Plucking tips

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask! I’m happy to share my knowledge and tips with you. Who knows, plucking might suddenly become very enjoyable and relaxing.

Product advice

So many coats… so many different grooming possibilities. I’m here to guide with professional advice tailored to the needs of your dog!

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