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The wild hairs just keep
on ‘mane’-taining themselves


Trimming. This isn’t about a dog version of the latest hair trends; it’s about much more than that. Trimming goes beyond just shortening the coat. It’s an art form where we shape the coat, taking into account the breed, the texture of the fur, and, most importantly, your dog’s comfort! We use a mix of scissors, clippers and a touch of magic. Why trim? Apart from the fact that it looks fantastic, it helps prevent matting, keeps the coat healthy and reduces excessive shedding. Whether it’s a cute style for your Labradoodle or a practical trim for your playful Labrador, we’re here to make sure your dog not only looks fabulous but also feels their best.


The products used during this treatment are specifically tailored to your dog’s coat. If you want to continue maintaining the new look at home, we can provide advice on the necessary products at the salon. Additionally, there will be plenty of treats available for your dog during the treatment. Please let us know in advance if your dog has any allergies or dietary preferences!

Pay attention!

  • Always bring the dog on a leash
  • Ensure the dog has been taken for a walk before the treatment
  • Unfortunately, in the case of severe matting, the treatment is not possible
  • The treatment duration varies. If you’re unsure about which grooming session (small/medium/large) your dog needs, feel free to contact me!

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